Story for Millionaire Dating

So that take along me here, to this dusty Wyoming thirst-quencher hole, not the quality online upscale dating site capital by any means, where the men are just as dry as the air and unless you’re wearing a cowboy hat you might as well be invisible to the male encouragement. But then again, as the saying goes, you can’t judge a horse by its color, and so I begin. Having more experience at being a single girl than I’d like to sometimes admit, and constantly searching for an expensive Millionaire Dating site experience, I have often joked with my friends that I should write a book; I’ve got enough online dating horror stories to fill a series that would rival Harry Potter, complete with goblins and surreal adventures. So now it seems logical that I actually write it.

Having breakfast at a French bistro in Chicago just last week, I struck up a conversation with two attractive, young girls that I later discovered were both executive assistants to prestigious high powered affluent attorneys in the Windy City. After explaining I was characters a book on Millionaire Dating and the on its own girl, they enthusiastically chimed in with their ideas on the subject; they both agreed that putting yourself in a position to meet classy successful men of quality was the best plan.

Subsequently a friendly chat over some croissants and espresso, with luck on my side, the girls asked if I would be interested in joining them in a girl’s night out so they could show me what they were talking about. I usually am very leery about these types of outings as I have found they rarely if ever turn out successful. Now try visualizing this timeless plot without the wealthy men or attractive women, it just doesn’t seem to work as well! We see this countless times on television and in the movies, where the attractive woman has her goal established for Millionaire Dating. Ladies, have you seen successful wealthy men dating some women deemed less attractive or deserving? Well, that can all change as the internet has provided a venue where wealthy singles can meet and get to know one another without the gracelessness of having to wade through the undesirable element of the dating population.

More Hot girl:

Tonight I was a trooper and since it was all in the name of science, what the hell! Being a NYC native and hanging out with classy girlfriends over cosmopolitans at some of the hippest nightclubs, this trip to the Midwest is part of my plan to compare different upscale dating site, styles and locales. Needless to say, saloons are not high on my list of recommendations for the single girl. What I have found to be both attractive and enticing in my travels, is the prospect of superiority upscale Millionaire Dating.

I explained I was doing some research and from there the conversation flowed. It’s amazing how many really interesting conversations can be had merely by stating you are not interested in having a conversation. We met at a fancy, well known wine bar in the business district, just as another long day was coming to a close for the prominent high powered executives, investors and entrepreneurs. Within Millionaire Dating the apartment was jam-packed with attractive men of quality in well-tailored fashionable designer suits, all loosening their ties and eager to unwind.

To make a long story short, he asked if he could buy me dinner at a classy eatery that had just opened down the block and we ended up having a fabulous time. I’m hoping this could be the last chapter in my book and I think I’ll entitle it No Contest, because in the world of an attractive classy single girl, a quality upscale dating site beats downtown bars any day!.

The characteristic film with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ depicts just such an instance as the two beautiful vixens set sail to Paris in order to land rich husbands. I have to say, this was unlike any ‘bar’ I had been in previously; it was discriminatingly decorated with inviting overstuffed chairs and ambiance lighting, being conducive to striking up a conversation in a comfortable atmosphere. As I sat on a luxurious suede loveseat with a great vantage point making notes on this upscale dating site phenomenon and perceiving how things were going with my companions, a handsome man in khakis and a polo shirt approached and questioned if I wouldn’t concentration some establishment.

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