Black Single meets a white lady

She met James, a good guy looking for a good woman. James was new to the black single online dating scene. Initially, he felt some reluctance to go through the whole process of profile-making and electronic communication with women he didn’t know. “I was hesitant at first, but joyful I did not let that discourage me from giving it a opportunity,” he says.
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Heather hadn’t met a man who swept her off her feet. When Heather and her girlfriends would go out, she wasn’t meeting marriageable guys. What attracted her to black single online dating was how it simplified the process. “It’s an easier, more convenient way of meeting and screening people, before actually going out with anyone,” she tells us. “This site was not my first experience, but hopefully it will be my last!” Heather was cautiously optimistic from the start. “I had a feeling it would happen, due to my past experiences,” she says. “And I wasn’t having success meeting guys when I went out… not for quite some time now.”

Their association was immediate, and brawny. Both felt the intellect that great special was unfolding here, even before laying eyes on each other in the authentic globe. “I fell for him while we were talking over Skype, before we were ever in concert in person,” says Heather. “I was completely crazy about him, in every way.” Heather noticed another member of black single location who, for her, stood out from the rest. His username was “James” but she would eventually learn that his real name was James. “I viewed his profile but did not respond, due to the distance between us,” she says. Shortly thereafter, she took her profile down. “Later in the year, I had a feeling I should give it one more try,” Heather recalls. “We met the same week I put my side view reverse out of bed…”

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“I had immediately fallen for her as well,” says James. “I could see us making the relationship permanent someday. Not long after we starting talking, we knew we wanted to make plans to spend time as one.” Heather picks up the story there. “The way he responded to what I wrote in my profile was what got my attention. We emailed back and forth, ended up exchanging numbers. We started talking over the receiver, and spoke every single day after that.” James describes Heather’s profile as “very detailed, and accurate.” Something about it really caught his eye. When Heather rejoined our site, he absolutely had to contact this woman. After typing out an email and hitting “send,” all he could do was wait…

So they did, and their first meeting went exceedingly well. Heather informs us that “he was the same amazing guy I had already fallen for, only even better face-to-face. Our first date was perfect and I would not have changed anything about it.”

James is in full agreement. “She was exactly what I hoped she would be, and more,” he says. “It just felt right. The duo felt extremely compatible with one another. Says Heather, “I didn’t have an exact type, other than certain similarities I wanted in a partner, and things we would both want in a relationship. James is it for me. He makes me happier than I have ever been!” We could have been anywhere and it would have been great, but I picked a good place to have our first real date!”
James says they have “so much in common.” He was happily surprised by “her willingness to become a vegetarian because of me.” He’s never been in a relationship like this one. “She is unlike anyone I have been with, because of the connection we have on the inside, as well as the outside,” James says.

Inspired by his feelings for Heather, James offers us a poetic perspective on it. “Love colors a black-and-white life with a rainbow of optimism, determination, sacrifice, comfort, laughter and contentment.”

So what can WE learn from their experience? Heather pondered our question and came up with this advice for the members on our site. “Don’t try to pretend to be anyone you are not, inside or out. I poured my heart out and put it all out there: what I wanted, needed and expected in a relationship, what I was willing to give in return, who I am as a person. This worked for me. It’s what drew him to my profile, above all else.”

James says that singles have to remember to take chances as if they’ve never been hurt before. “Don’t pass on giving it a real chance because it is something new or different, or because you had a past experience that didn’t turn out as you hoped,” he says. “You could be missing out on your Right Fit and having lasting love and happiness.” for the reason that of the miles that estranged them, Heather and James decided to make a weekend of it.

They were having so much fun, why stop now? “We had a first weekend together, rather than just a first date, which made it very unusual and something we will never forget,” she says. Their bond reaches new heights every day. “I found a love that can last a existence and know, lacking a distrust, that he is my Right Fit,” Heather proclaims. “The one I am going to grow old with. Meeting James has untouched my life in ways I could only dream about in anticipation of at the moment.”

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