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“Based on my previous experiences, I was positively not confident about finding love on interracial dating site, and I was ready to present up on the whole process,” Mickey says candidly. “I had been on other dating sites and they did not match me with people to my satisfaction.” There are few overnight successes in the love business. Helen and Mickey can attest to that!
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“I was definitely skeptical about the whole idea of finding love on Interracial dating site,” Helen says. “This was my first experience with online dating. I only tried [this site] because it was not compulsory to me by a friend!”

Given his doubts about the personals process, it was just blind luck that led Mickey to our site at all. “I tried the site by misfortune,” he says. “I saw an online ad for it, so I decided to give it a shot.”

Helen stuck with us for quite a while before meeting in Interracial dating site the man she will soon marry. “I had been on and off for about two years before I met Mickey,” she tells us. Mickey was a member for about half a year when he viewed Helen’s profile. There was something very alluring about this woman, he thought. “I never believed that I had a type, but Helen is positively everything I want to be with,” he tells us.

Instantly intrigued, Mickey penned a true love letter to this mysterious lady. “Mickey wrote a really long email that was very humorous,” Helen laughs. “It was not just the typical one liner that is usually sent. Mickey actually took the time to introduce himself, which I liked!”

As luck would have it, Mickey’s travel plans included a trip to Helen’s home—across the pond. He lived in Atlanta but had already lined up a soccer trip to the U.K. Helen explains, “Mickey was coming to England anyway, and that completed it easy to set something up for our first date. I thought I might be in love with him before I even met him.” Adds Mickey, “I knew I could not go there and not meet her! I had very strong feelings for her and couldn’t remain to meet in person.”

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How’d the date go? This practice exceeded all potential. “It was exciting,” Helen reports. “We got along well and he was very cute!” Mickey’s assessment was equally glowing. “Helen was fine-looking, funny and smart. We had great chemistry. I was surprised at how easily we got along. There were no awkward moments.”

For Helen, it was a happy surprise that there were no surprises. Mickey was very much the man his profile promised. “It was nice to see how Mickey was so much like what he portrayed online, and how well I felt I already knew him,” she says. “Mickey’s profile was spot on, but it was even more absorbing to be with him in person.”

Mickey felt the same way. “Even though Helen’s profile was accurate and genuine, she was even better to be with in person. We have a great rapport.”

With their connection passing its first test, the singles’ spirits were sky high. Maybe this online dating thing wasn’t so terrible, after all! The question was, would they go out again? “I was as in no doubt as one can be, after a good first date,” Helen responds. “I was positive we would go out again,” declares Mickey. “Equipment went very well.”

So well, in fact, that Mickey and Helen’s romance soon grew by leaps and bounds. An unforgettable moment that would change their lives forever started innocently enough. Over coffee! A very happy Mickey tells the tale…

“It was casual. We didn’t want a big production. I simply asked her while having coffee if she would get hitched me. She said ‘yes.’ Not very climactic or thought provoking, but the smile and the reaction were priceless!”

Helen was enchanted at Mickey’s application and has no concern over the commitment involved. “Mickey has all the qualities I want in a husband, plus some other ones that shall remain underground!” she laughs.

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