Black single fall in love with white man

It was like he was writing regarding her. “I was stunned at how much we had in common,” she continues. Meeting in black single, Cassandra was not let down by the man standing before her. “He was handsome and grinning ear to ear,” she information. “He was a minute ‘blush’ to boot! “Christopher was impressed with how well Cassandra got along with his family, which is always a big check. So she wrote the subsequent note: “Don’t be alarmed, but I consider I may be the schoolgirl of your dreams. If you want to find out, come and get me.” Cassandra altered her mind about quitting pretty quickly once she looked at GeorgiaBoy30’s profile. It was amazing how much she matched his preferences and priorities.

Christopher wasn’t convinced that black single dating was for him until he met Cassandra, now his wife. After succumbing to what he calls “peer pressure” and joining black single site, he looked at a lot of profiles. But no one jumped out at him. That is, until he found the woman whose screen first name was jam?

A few weeks had passed since Christopher signed up, but he’d never been motivated to contact anyone before. Cassandra was different though. Was she his type? “Spot on,” he says. So he wrote her a memo.

“He left me a memorandum first, but it was a few days earlier than I got it,” she begins. “I hadn’t logged in for awhile and was going to delete my account with you guys, after having no luck!” Cassandra was new to online dating and saw it as “worth a try.” But after a few months on our site, she was really starting to wonder if this whole thing was going to work for her.

She then left her email address and deleted her account. “I figured if it was meant to be, it would be,” she says. “Long story short, my Internet went out for a week or so after I sent that, but he emailed me. We chatted on instant messenger, and then did a voice chat, then a web chat, then a phone chat. Next day we set up a face-to-face meeting for that upcoming Saturday.”

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It was no less positive. “She was beautiful,” he says. Their time together felt more like a fifth date than a first. “This may sound cliché, but it was like I’d always known him,” Cassandra says. Christopher declared afterwards that his date was “the coolest chick I had EVER met!”

In fact, the date was so good they kept it going…In fact; they spent three straight days together! Cassandra learned that Christopher had a better sense of humor than his profile would lead you to believe.

“I had the ring in my pocket for weeks, waiting for the perfect time to ask her to be my wife,” he recounts. “One day, we were sitting at home, bored. I told her to get dressed. ‘Let’s go and walk in the town square, look in some shops, maybe grab a bite to eat.’ After some ‘shop hopping,’ we sat down on a bench by a gazebo in the middle of the square. We sat there for awhile, just people watching, before I got the nerve to get down on one knee and ask her to marry me.”

The answer was an emphatic yes. Finding love has changed their lives. “It has made me whole,” Christopher says. Cassandra concurs. “It’s given me something beyond work to hold as important in my life,” she tells us.

“Be bold, ladies,” Cassandra says to women who are where she was, not so long ago—still looking. “Have patience, and then have nerve when that patience pays off!”

Cassandra was brave enough to tell Christopher that she was the girl of his dreams. She was right, and now they’re living out their dreams together. Over time, it became obvious that the “jaws of life” would be necessary to separate these two. All the momentum was going in the right path. When it came time to “pop the difficulty,” Christopher tried to come across the perfect jiffy. This was more difficult than he projected.
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