Capricorn Love Relationship

Capricorn lover is relatively fickle that way. Capricorn love always performs better when he has an adoring someone looking up to him and so lover works well for him. These two are compatible emotionally, physically as well as spiritually and that is important.
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The downside of this relationship is that everything will be one notch higher, the silences may last too long, the arguments may be never-ending and the stubbornness can be too fixated. What this relationship culminates into is nothing but a predictive, boring and routine life.

Kind of like a rut. So unless you like ruts, this is not the relationship you want. Go for up and down, upheaval and adventure instead, you’ll not regret it. This union will require conscious efforts from both parties to sustain itself against the erosion of time. Being cardinal makes Capricorn love wants to rule and dominate things, people and circumstances. On the other hand, the eccentric lover is a born rebel and will rebel against dominance, power and all status quo.

Capricorn love is fairly orthodox and dogmatic and will find it hard to cope with lover’s new age ideas. lover will not understand Capricorn love’s staunch fixation with ambition for he believes in conquering hurdles as they come rather than aiming to reach somewhere and eliminating all hurdles that land up in the path.

lover will do everything that horrifies Capricorn love, like jump jobs, follow-up on whims and take up unconnected projects simultaneously. As Capricorn love craves financial security all these are sure to give him a heartburn. Yet, love conquers all and once love sets its roots in this relationship, nothing can really break it.Finally, thank god we’re down to lover, I was kind of running out of new vocal ideas and adjectives. Anyway, lover and Capricorn love make a good love match. A lover need someone secure (macho) and steady (loyal) and this is all that Capricorn love is.

Capricorn love needs someone affectionate (sensual) and flexible (who will not oppose him) and this is all lover is. Lover will follow Capricorn love just as long as he proves himself to be worthy of a fan following and not a minute more nor less.

Rams and Goats can sometimes butt heads, and a relationship between an Aries and a Capricorn could prove to be a challenging one. You’re great at starting things – less great at finishing them. Your Capricorn may have a hard time trusting you because of this.
Likewise, you might find Capricorn’s sense of purpose stuffy and long for more excitement. You’ll have to get used to your partner taking on more responsibilities than you would. On the bright side, Capricorns will appreciate your cheerful enthusiasm and encouragement when they feel overwhelmed.

I had kept this ‘Capricorn Love Match’ article in my ‘to write’ kitty for a long time as I wanted to be in the best astrological frame of mind while writing it. As my dearest and best friend Rakish is a Capricorn

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