Capricorn Horoscope Match

A Capricorn Horoscope match is like a constant uphill battle of understanding, but as both are the relatively rational and logical signs of the zodiac, they do stand a fair chance together. When Capricorn Horoscope is organized, planned and economically restrained, he is everything a Cappy wants.
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When Cappy is a little sunny, humorous (other than satire and sarcasm) and a little loosened up, he is perfect right hand man. The only problem is, both are rarely so and if they are, it really takes them years of practice with each other to be it. Yet, both are good for each other. Capricorn Horoscope teaches Capricorn to live a little and helps him know the thought that you can live like a king without having blue blood, by simply living life-like one, by being generous, magnanimous and kind.

Capricorn teaches Capricorn lover how to make good plans and get them implemented well, with planning, dedication and effort.Both Capricorn and lover are well suited with each other, both in terms of their elemental thought processes and in terms of their capacity to adjust with each other. Both are equally practical, dedicated and hardworking. Both are ambitious, though in varying degrees, and detailed.

Both of them are their own worst critics and hence have a natural sympathy towards this like-mindedness. Both can boost each other’s confidence when the partner is wounded and lost. Both lean toward natural remedies, herbal cures, etc. and both love working out together. Both need each other much more than they let on and this is the most tragic part between them.

If they could just voice out, even if in unspoken word, how much the other means to them, their life would be much more of a heaven than it is otherwise. Both complete each other and fill up each other’s secret insecurities.This is a doubtful love match for Capricorn as they just do not understand each other. While Capricorn believes in enjoying life, Capricorn believes solely in ambition and work in order to fulfill it.

The most common problem in this relationship is that Capricorn Horoscope needs plenty of time and Capricorn is too much of a workaholic to provide it. On the other hand, Capricorn invariably finds the love pursuits to be too many and too frivolous for Capricorn to be dedicated and committed to just one of them.

Both lose respect for each other quickly, especially when Capricorn cannot understand why Capricorn is so airy in his pursuits, so frivolous in his interests and so happy-go-lucky, ‘we will see what happens when it does’ about his decision-making. In the mind of the Capricorn love partner, Capricorn will just take up the picture of a stuck-up, self-centered, and selfish individual who is too cold to notice his partner’s needs.

It is a shame really, for if these two learn to love each other for who they are, they can teach each other things that were completely beyond them before.

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