Capricorn Love Life In 2013

Your efforts are praiseworthy and Gnashed congratulates you on your sincere efforts. After all, you are going that extra mile in improving your Capricorn Love. However, you may soon be disappointed with the entire process. This may happen because you may not able to accept the final revelations of your efforts of understanding love and stern and stickler as you are, you may think this entire effort is a waste of time.
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This would make you re-align your priorities once more and you may be back in the pursuit of your worldly goals that are more tangible with a bang. Are you confused in the realm of love and seek answers to your questions?

Benefit our Capricorn Love Ask 3 Questions service and get comprehensive and pointed answers to all your queries regarding your love life and relationships so that you are better equipped to deal with it.

Capricorns often feel the weight of the world upon them, and they are usually just as responsible and determined in their love affairs. They take everything seriously, and they need to know that you are as serious about your romance as they are.
They don’t know it, but they also need a lover who will lighten their load – make them laugh, force them out the door to explore the world, and put some fun into life.

Once again, this Capricorn Love match is something that needs detailed study, for how these two can tolerate each other beyond a couple of seconds leaves me completely baffled. Yet this weird Mercury Saturn partnership does have a good chance of making it through life and making it well, with better times together than bad. Mercurial Gemini is fast, in words and thought, while Capricorn Love is moody with exactly that.

Capricorn is slow, steady and cautious and Gemini invariably throws caution to the winds. Capricorn is the antithesis of easy-going, flirtatious, talkative, and wayward, all the things that make up a Gemini. Though the saying ‘opposites attract’ is the sole reason for them coming together in the first place, the initial glitter and charm of meeting a new species wears off much sooner than it should.

This relationship has a 50/50 chance though, if both really love each other and are willing to take the efforts at understanding their partner and compromising on little things for him.

To give you an summary of things before we actually go into the details (and you being a Capricorn, I can fairly well guess that you do want it, though covertly), Capricorn is the most compatible with the other signs of the Earth trilogy, namely Taurus and Virgo. It can also work well with the fiery Leo and Sagittarius, the airy Aquarius and with two-thirds of the water trilogy, namely with Pisces and Scorpio.

With Gemini, Leo and other fellow Capps it is a case of this way or that, for it can alternate between bliss and hell. The love match for Capricorn is extremely complicated and difficult (though definitely possible when true love and compromise enter the picture) with Aries, Cancer and Libra. Now let us move on to the individual matches.

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